to The BLENZ Internet Radio Station

The BLENZ - is a privately owned international Indie Radio Station located on the North Island of New Zealand. The station plays a variety of genres 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is heard by approximately 10,000 online listeners a month.

We currently host around 16 music and talk radio shows each weekend with some of the worlds best presenters from the UK, USA and New Zealand. As we are targeted to supporting Indie Artists from around the world we are constantly expanding our 3,500 song playlist with Indie music and slowly phasing out signed label artists. Our mission is to support Indie Artists and their music and free them from the corruption of network radio companies and corporate record labels.

Indie Artists are self managed artists who are just as good if not better than signed Artists and they collaborate with this station directly. There is no hidden agenda, no rules and regulations and more importantly no false  promises for a rock star life! This is a business and we are in the business to promote music and get talented people heard. 

You can listen to us online via this website, iTunes, Tune-In or Apple TV. You can even take us with you anywhere you go by downloading our mobile app onto your smart phone for free. Just search for "The BLENZ" in your favourite app store and start downloading!

As we are a non profit Internet radio station, we rely heavily on donations and sponsorship from Indie followers and supporters. If you would like to help us help Indie Artists reach their dreams then please contact Pete Unstead from the Contact Us page, or go to the Listen LIVE page on this website and donate directly to our PayPal account. Your donation will go towards boosting the stations presence worldwide which in turn will promote the Indie Artists we support and help get their music to the masses.  




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